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Postural Assessments and
One to One Tuition

Postural Assessment

A postural assessment can help you to understand your own body. You can see more clearly why you find it awkward to make a certain movement, why you are tighter on one side or why you feel pain in a certain area. It’s a diagnostic tool for you and me, as your instructor, to guide us into designing together the best programme of exercises for you as an individual.

Thank you for my Postural Assessment Ali. I have found it so helpful. Being able to see the pictorial 'evidence' of my postural problems is so powerful and when I saw the pictures, along with your explanation, the reasons for my neck pain became so obvious! When I feel the pain coming on now, I immediately recall the pictures and can easily correct my posture, which relieves the pain.

It will take a long time to correct my bad postural habits but you have really helped me to understand the reasons for, and correction of, my neck pain.

- Emma Davis

I look at the balance, or imbalance, that you have from right to left, top to bottom and front to back, using photographs and simple observation.

An initial appointment needs to be made at a location convenient to each of us in order for me to take the photographs and carry out the observation analysis. This takes about 30 minutes. Approximately two weeks later we will meet again to discuss the results. You will receive a folder with the written analysis and photographs, as well as suggestions for exercises that will particularly benefit you. You will have an opportunity to discuss and practise these with me.

One to One Tuition / Personal Training

If you have never done Pilates or Yoga before, it may be beneficial to have a short (30 minute) session with me before joining in a class. This will ensure your safety, help your understanding and increase your enjoyment of the class when you do take part.

During the session I will give you a brief explanation of the basic techniques and teach you a few of the fundamental exercises to get you started.

Personal Training is available on request. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.